9 Creative Ways to Make Money with Blender

Blender is one the fastest growing software, and many great artists are switching to this software. But, the question is, is it worth using a blender? Does it have any future, or does it help to earn money?

I have been working with Blender for the past 6 years, and from these years, I have found many ways by which I can earn money, and I have tried a couple of them. And I am impressed with the results because there is no limit to how much you can make money with a blender.

The only thing required to make money with a blender is mastering your skills. There are many skills like sculpting, texturing, animation, and many more that you can do with a blender. These specialized skills are in high demand in the market these days.

So if you are interested in a blender and want to start a career with a blender, then you have a lot of chances for your growth. If you are learning a blender already and haven’t earned a penny, this is the time to make some money with a blender.

So let me give you the Top 10 Creative Ways to Make Money with Blender.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is a fantastic way to make money with Blender. There are a lot of people freelancing and earning perfect money. You can also do this if you have some skills in a blender.

There is a lot of freelancing platform that you can start with. But how would you start? Let me tell you the answer.

How To Start Freelancing


1. The first thing you need to do is to learn a specialized skill in the Blender

2. Then create some fantastic projects related to your skill

3. Create a profile on any freelancing platform like Fiver, Upwork, Toptal

4. Upload your project here and add a reasonable amount to attract clients to your art.

5. Now you are ready to go.

While freelancing, you must understand that you will not get clients overnight, so you have to wait for a while so that clients will reach you.

Another way to get clients for freelancing work is through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform where you can publish some great art by which interesting people can contact you directly and give you your first job.

I also have an account on LinkedIn, and I have posted some of my artwork. People are connecting with me and giving me some offers, which can be a great way to get your clients.

2. Small YouTube Channel

Creating YouTube videos is an efficient way to make money with Blender without any investment. You have to create a YouTube channel and then regularly post videos on them.

There is a lot you can do on YouTube. You can make short animation videos, make tutorials for viewers, or record your projects and then publish them on YouTube or promote your courses.

YouTube is a fantastic platform for getting a higher amount of audience. And once your audience builds, then you can do many things. But how would you start?

So first, create a YouTube channel with a unique name that people easily remember. Then create some awesome videos that you want to make. The only thing to remember while starting a YouTube channel is that it will take your time and effort, so have patience.

To get an audience, you have to make exciting videos and create attractive thumbnails; the best you can do is to hire a thumbnail artist to make your YouTube videos thumbnails, which will attract an audience and create an excellent title for your videos. So in this way, you can quickly grow on YouTube and reach a greater audience.

3. Selling course

A Blender is an emerging software. There is very demand for blender-related courses, and people are ready to pay to learn blenders.

So selling your online course related to blender is also a great way to make money with Blender. If you have experience and skill in Blender, then you create a specialized course where you can teach people you are skilled.

You can create many courses related to Blender, like Texturing, Character Making, Basics of Blender, and many more.

And there are lots of platforms where you can sell your course, like Udemy, and skillshare. But the question is how to make an online course. So let me tell you.

How To Make a Blender Course

How To Make a Blender Course

1. First, record your lecture.

2. Create some pdf flowcharts to make the course more interesting.

3. Do some professional editing for your lecture. Or you can hire a video editor who can edit videos professionally.

4. After making all these videos sign up as a tutor on various learning platforms like Udemy, skill share, and many more.

5. Then promote your course through paid ads on YouTube, Facebook, or Google.

How To Promote the Course on YouTube

To promote your course on YouTube, you can simply make a channel where you make some free videos for your course or show your audience what you are offering in the course or if you are capable of offering something good to the audience. Once you have made good videos regularly on YouTube, people will easily be attracted to your courses.

4. 3D Printing

In recent years 3d printing has been a very emerging market. Here people will create the very insane thing that they can imagine. First, they make the 3d model on 3d software like blender; then they print them in the 3d printer.

This all 3d printed model is also used to decorate studios, walls, and tables. So if you are good at your creativity and can make some excellent and insane 3d models, then you can print them with your nearby 3d printing services and sell them.

Or You can simply purchase a 3d printer, print the models you want, and then sell them. People love to decorate their walls and table rooms with such unique models, so the 3d printing business is an excellent choice to earn money.

So if you want to start selling 3d printed models, you have to promote your models online through social media or a website. You can make perfect money if you have good followers and sell good quality products.

Where Can I sell My 3D Printed Models?

There is no particular marketplace where you can sell your 3d printed models. You can sell them n Etsy or eBay. Or the best you can do is to sell them through social media, or you can set up an eCommerce store.

5. Music Videos

Music Videos

As you know that today, more and more music industry is leaning towards CGI, VFX, and animated 360-degree videos, and these animated videos can be created by 3d software.

You will know that until blender 2.9, 360 videos were not easy to make or import but the updated easily imported any 360 files. If you are good at creating an engaging environment for the audience, you can efficiently work with the industry and make good money from it.

To start this business professionally, you should build a website and advertise your best services there. This process will take so much effort, so if you want to get clients earlier, you can create sample music videos and share them online or connect with your favourite artist.

If they love your work, they really want to collaborate with you and will also pay a reasonable amount to you.

6. Creating scripts and plugins

Creating scripts and plugins

When it comes to a blender, everyone knows that blender is totally free, but the resources of blenders like addons and plugins are not free people are paying a lot for this.

If you love doing backend work like coding for blender, you can also make money with a blender. You can make tools and add-ons for the other 3d artist to make their work easy and efficient.

Artists always seek addons for the blender so they don’t have to do all the work and look for an alternative. You can sell your tools and add-ons on asset stores and marketplaces like the blender market.

7. Blogging

blender-related blogging

If you have a good knowledge of the blender and keep updating yourself about the 3d industry, then you can use your knowledge to make money by starting your blog. Creating your blog will also help you get an understanding of different sources.

Also, the blender is an emerging software, and people are switching to this software, so starting a specific blender-related blog will be great in the future.

You can write posts related to tutorials, updates, plugins, addons, sculpting, and many more, in short, the topic you are interested in. People also love this type of content. You have to improve your content day by day.

How To Start a Blog

1. Register your blog name
2. Buy hosting
3. Then design a website, or you can hire people to create your website online
4. Then start posting your articles.

The only drawback is that it is a long process and will take time to be a successful blog. So if you are thinking of starting a blog, don’t think about the money first; you should believe that improving your skill and writing will help you gain authority and, ultimately, help you generate money.

8. Thumbnail artist

Thumbnail artist
Created By theimaginativeartist

Making thumbnails for the bigger YouTube channel is also a way to generate money with a blender. because many YouTube channels hire people for creating engaging thumbnails.

And Engaging thumbnail helps YouTube channel to attract audiences to watch their videos. games channels, big studios, and music video channels are always in trend so they always need to do everything perfect that can attract an audience.

so they always look for people who have good skills. And making thumbnails is also a great skill so if you are good at blender and have some insane creativity then this is a very good way to generate money through a blender.

The main benefit of working as a thumbnail artist is that you can work with multiple creators at a single time and can generate a very good amount of money.

9. Selling material packs

Selling material packs

Blender artists are always looking for material packs for their projects and work. They make their work easy and efficient. Different types of material packs are used for rendering purposes.

So if you are an excellent substance designer, you will know how to create material packs. You can make money by selling these material packs in blender markets.

Wrapping Up

You can earn good money by all the methods mentioned by me, so if you are learning blender and now you want to earn money then you can look into all these methods.

but first, decide in which 3d related field you are interested. then look at the best way of generating money based on your interest. so in this way, you can make money for the long term and you will not easily got bored. you will definitely gonna love your work.

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