How To Turn Doodle into Realistic 360 Art with NVIDIA Canvas

Hey folks, are you ready to turn your simple shape Doodles into great art or even into 3D HDRI and use them in your favorite 3D software like Blender or Photoshop with the help of NVIDIA Canvas?

NVIDIA always surprises the tech world with its new technology. A few years back, we had the opportunity to explore an early primitive web-based version of NVIDIA Gaugan, which was later made into an app called NVIDIA Canvas.

And a few months ago, NVIDIA released a new software tool called NVIDIA Canvas 360 that allows artists and designers to create 360-degree panoramic illustrations using AI-powered painting and modeling tools. This software is available for all users who want to create something unique.

Currently, it is available in beta version and you can download it from their official website. But before downloading, read our blog so that you have knowledge of how to use this software to create your first art and how to use it.

What is NVIDIA Canvas?

NVIDIA Canvas is a software tool that allows creators, artists, or designers to create 3D panoramic illustrations using simple doodles.

This software combines Nvidia graphics with advanced machine-learning algorithms to create beautiful and realistic photos or 360-degree illustrations.

With NVIDIA Canvas, you can create extremely beautiful interactive illustrations that can be viewed using a virtual reality headset or any device that supports 360-degree viewing. The software uses AI-powered algorithms to simulate the behavior of various painting and modeling materials, such as oil paint, watercolor, and clay, allowing artists to create realistic textures and effects.

NVIDIA Canvas offers support for 360° panoramas, allowing artists to easily create immersive wraparound environments that can be exported into any 3D application as equirectangular environment maps. These maps can then be utilized to modify the ambient lighting of a 3D scene and add reflections, resulting in enhanced realism. With this feature, artists can streamline their workflow and achieve stunning results in no time.

There are more than 15 different palettes available in NVIDIA Canvas 360, including Sky, Cloud, Hill, Mud, Fog, Snow, Flowers, Grass, Straw, Stone, Sand, Gravel, Mountain, Water, Bushes, Forest, Dirt, and Stone Wall, which you can include in your art with the variation of 10 different styles, such as hilly areas, mountains, sunrise, or sunset, and many more.

System Requirements for NVIDIA Canvas

RAM4 GB for Standard, 6 GB for Panorama
OSWindows 10
Driver522.06 or later
OptionalTablet (e.g, Wacom alternatives)

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Creating My First ART Using NVIDIA Canvas

Using NVIDIA Canvas 360, you can paint simple shapes and lines with a palette of real-world materials, like grass or clouds. So, let’s create your first art using NVIDIA Canvas 360.

selecting style of art
Choose 2D or 3D Panorama

STEP 1:- After downloading and installing NVIDIA Canvas from their official site, open the application. Then, it will ask for the art style, like a 2D or 3D panorama. Choose the preferred style.

selecting canvas style
Choose Style

STEP 2:- Now, select your canvas style. NVIDIA Canvas has 9 different styles, like hilly areas, beautiful sunsets, and many more.

selecting object to draw
Selecting Object to Draw

STEP 3:- Now, choose your subject: Decide on the subject you want to create for your first art piece. NVIDIA has 15 different subjects, including rivers, mountains, clouds, and trees.

first art
My First ART

STEP 4:- Now, just paint simple shapes like lines, triangles, and squares to make your own art piece. I would suggest trying all types of styles and subjects for your artwork.


Final:- Once you are happy with your art, just share it with your friends or save it. You can export your art in a range of formats, including PNG, PSD, and EXR.

How To Export Environment Maps In Blender

By exporting your environmental maps in Blender, you can enhance your 3D modeling workflow easily.

creating 2 tab in blender
Create Two Tab

Step 1: After creating your canvas, just export it in EXR format. Now, open the Blender application and then open a new workspace in Blender.

open shader editor
Open Shader Editor

Step 2: Change the First workspace into Shader Editor, and then also change this Shader Editor from Object to World using the dropdown.

connecting nodes
Connect Nodes

Step 3: Now, add the environmental texture using the Texture node and connect the Color output of the Texture node to the Surface input of the World Output.

import the exported file in blender
Import the exported file into the Blender

Step 4: Now, just open the canvas file in Blender. To visualize the scene, just turn on the Rendered view option in Blender.

visualizing scene
Visualizing Scene

Final : Now that you know how to use these environmental maps in your 3D software, you can create your artwork and export them to your favorite 3D software like Blender, Omniverse Create, or any other 3D software.

How Does NVIDIA Canvas 360 Work?

NVIDIA uses a machine learning model called generative adversarial networks (GANs) that consists of a generator and a discriminator. The primary objective of the generator is to convert material maps into images, while the discriminator is designed to differentiate between real and fake images.

To ensure that the generated images are of high quality and detail, GAN is trained on an NVIDIA DGX system using a vast dataset comprising over 5 million images.

Another important technology used by NVIDIA Canvas 360 is its support for NVIDIA’s graphics technology, including the CUDA and OptiX frameworks. These technologies provide the computational power and advanced rendering capabilities needed to create realistic 3D designs with incredible detail and accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run NVIDIA Canvas Without RTX?

No, you can’t run NVIDIA Canvas without an RTX card because it is only compatible with RTX graphics cards or Any NVIDIA Graphics Card.

Is Nvidia AI Canvas free?

Yes, it is completely open-source and available for all users in the beta version known as NVIDIA Canvas 1.4.

Is Nvidia Canvas for MacOS?

No, Nvidia Canvas is not available for iOS or macOS.


Overall, NVIDIA Canvas 360 is a powerful and innovative tool for creating stunning 3D Designs, environment maps, or Art with AI-powered tools. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or creative Professional, Canvas 360 provides the tools you need to create beautiful, immersive 3D Environment maps, Art, or Designs quickly and easily. With its support for NVIDIA’s graphics technology and machine learning algorithms, this software is a must-have for anyone who wants to create cutting-edge 3D Maps or Designs and visualizations.

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