Top 15 Free Blender Add-ons Endorsed by Pros

As you all know, 3D modeling and animation can be time-consuming tasks. They often take days to create a single piece of art or a scene in the software. That’s why creators always look for add-ons to help them save time. Addons can be a huge time-saver, assisting in rigging, creating environments, applying textures, HDRI lighting, and many more tasks.

In short, addons can help you create your own art in less time compared to others. Today, I have come up with a list of my top 15 Free Blender Add-ons that professionals use.

How I found these 15 Free Blender add-ons

After conducting extensive research on various marketplaces such as Blender Market, Gumroad, and ArtStation, and thoroughly testing numerous add-ons, I have compiled a list of my favorite addons that will help elevate your skills as a professional creator and save you a significant amount of time.

I recommend not installing all of these add-ons directly into your main Blender version. Instead, I suggest installing them on a separate, older version of Blender. For instance, I have most of my add-ons installed on an older Blender 3.3 version. Only keep the add-ons you use on a daily basis installed in your main Blender version. This approach helps maintain optimal performance for your main Blender version.

1. RBC | A Physics-Based Vehicle Rigging Addon

RBC A Physics-Based Vehicle Rigging Addon

This physics-based car rigging addon is excellent. You simply need to select all four wheels of the vehicle, separate them, and mark them appropriately in the addon’s user interface. This addon works flawlessly, enabling your car to automatically follow the terrain’s topology.

In the free version, you can only control four-wheelers using a text field, but the paid version offers the ability to rig any vehicle and control it using a 3D controller, which provides a game-like experience. Overall, this is a great add-on for car animation.

2. The Plant Library

The Plant Library

This free addon, available on the Blender Marketplace, offers the most realistic plant assets. With over 170 meticulously rendered plants and vegetation, you gain access to a vast selection of high-quality assets. Additionally, you receive a complimentary scattering addon called Biome Reader, complete with a range of pre-made scattering presets. This addon beautifully demonstrates Blender’s ability to create stunningly realistic 3D environments.

3. GScatter


If you weren’t satisfied with the previous addon, GScatter will fulfill all your 3D vegetation asset needs. It includes highly realistic rendered grass assets and is also free to use. Simply download it and give it a try – you won’t be disappointed.

4. Wiggle and Jiggle Physics Addon

This free addon is a great tool for animation. Secondary animation, such as wiggling or jiggling, is crucial, and this addon helps you achieve that by adding wiggle bones to your assets, allowing them to move more naturally. Install it immediately and give it a try.


5. Real Sky Addon

Real Sky

As the name suggests, this addon helps you add real skies to your scenes, making them more realistic and visually appealing. The addon is based on physical formulas and provides perfect lighting inspired by real-life conditions. With this addon, you only need to change the month and date to get the exact position of the sun in the sky.

6. Alt-Tab Ocean & Water

Alt Tab Easy Fog

Similar to the Real Sky addon, Alt Tab Ocean allows you to generate realistic oceans of any size and scale. It offers controls for ocean direction, depth, wave sizes, ocean distortion, and more. It also provides a wide range of premade ocean assets that you can easily add to your scenes. Download and try it out.

7. Mossify | Procedural HQ Moss Generator

Mossify-Procedural HQ Moss Generator

This Blender addon contains high-quality moss assets, which I believe are currently the best on the market. Although it’s not technically an addon, it’s a geometry nodes-based tool – but who cares about that, right? It’s easy to use, functional, and, above all, absolutely free. So, get your hands on it and start using it for creating realistic moss in your scenes.

8. BlenRig 6

BlenRig 6

This addon is a must-have for every Blender artist who wants to rig characters professionally. BlenRig 6 helps you rig your character with its advanced rigging assistant guide. It also offers features like mesh deform, pre-weighted mesh, advanced facial rigging, and automatic generation of shape keys. If you want to rig your characters, give this add-on a try.

9. QuickSnap

As the name suggests, this addon allows you to quickly and accurately snap objects in your scene. Simply select an object, press the shortcut Shift+Ctrl+V, and then hover over any other object in the scene and select the face you want to snap the object onto. QuickSnap will do the rest. It can snap to faces, vertices, and edges, making it a highly useful snapping tool that you should try.


10. Cracks And Damage Maker Free Blender Addon

This addon enables you to create cracks and damages on objects in your scene, adding a sense of realism. It offers two presets and a set of control sliders that allow you to adjust and generate various types of procedural noise on your models.


11. ImagePaste


We all know about the Images as Planes add-on that comes prepacked with Blender. However, the ImagePaste addon takes it to the next level by allowing you to directly paste an image from your clipboard. Simply copy any image texture you want in your scene and paste it using the “Paste from Clipboard as Plane” option. It’s a huge time-saver and extremely convenient. Give it a try.

12. Easy HDRI

In the world of 3D, we know how important HDRIs are for enhancing scenes and environments. With this addon, you can organize all your downloaded HDRIs in one place and access them directly in Blender. Simply define the path to where you save all your HDRIs, and they will be easily accessible in the N panel with just a click of a button.


13. EasyPBR

Easy PBR

From the same creator, we have another addon for PBR materials that directly links to the beloved website. Now you have access to all those materials right within Blender. Download this addon and simplify your material workflow.

14. Substance 3D Material Addon:

This addon offers a wide range of high-quality materials for your projects. You can easily drag and drop these materials into your scene. It also provides a variety of control sliders to enhance the realism and sophistication of the materials.


15. The Free Sketchfab Addon

Sketchfab Blender Addon

If you’re still manually downloading models from Sketchfab and importing them into Blender, along with mapping their textures yourself, it’s time to stop. The free Sketchfab addon allows you to directly import models from Sketchfab into your Blender scene. It’s a huge time-saver, so go ahead and install it.


In conclusion, I genuinely hope that these addons will be a game-changer for you, helping you save lots of time and effort in your creative endeavors. I know I haven’t covered every single addon out there, but I assure you that I’ll continue exploring and sharing more in upcoming articles. If you have any suggestions regarding addons that have personally helped you in your artwork, please do share them in the comments. Let’s come together as a community and support each other in achieving our artistic aspirations with greater ease and efficiency.

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